Seeking my own path to healing sparked my passion for supporting others in this work. In the therapy room (actual or virtual) we can take the time to create a space that is fully yours, where you can make sense of your experiences, metabolize the past, and discover new ways of being that align with your values and innermost self. We can learn more about how you show up when you're truly free, and help you take what you need from the past and leave the rest. 

My style is collaborative, deeply intuitive, and incorporates methods that are research-prove. I use EMDR and Lifespan Integration to help process trauma; mindful-somatic psychotherapy, and a mix of other modalities to suit your situation and therapy goals. My philosophy is imbued with the egalitarian principles of feminism, social justice and nonviolence. I welcome clients from all walks of life.

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EMDR for Trauma

When the body's response to trauma becomes stuck, we experience chronic stress, anxiety, shame, panic or rage: reactions that are out of proportion with present contexts. Using EMDR we harness the amazing brain's natural ability to heal the mind-body. EMDR is the most research-based trauma therapy to date. Please check out the 10 minute video below to learn more about this remarkable healing tool. 

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Healing Trauma with Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration (LI) teaches the mind-body (emphasis on body, where trauma is stored), that the past is truly over, so the body can stop bracing for danger and return to its natural state of calm. Lifespan Integration is a gentle cousin of EMDR that began with Peggy Pace in 2002. LI uses the same natural processes of the brain to heal the mind-body and in addition, helps to create a more cohesive sense of self across time. 

Personal Growth

Hakomi is a mindfulness-based somatic therapy that allows us to access the wisdom of the mind-body connection. In this way we can explore your inner world. Using this method clients often unearth core beliefs, organic wishes and soulful longings in surprising new ways. 

More information & videos here: https://hakomiinstitute.com/resources/books-reviews 

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression can be mild frustrations, or they can be debilitating. Whether your symptoms are mild and ongoing, or severe and impacting your ability to function, adding a professional perspective to the situation is a positive step.  I find clients do best with a tailored, integrative approach. We can build you a toolkit and may wish to explore root causes as well as unhelpful beliefs keeping you stuck in place. Please know there is help and this can change.

Introduction to EMDR (about 10 minutes)

Introduction to Lifespan Integration (about 20 minutes)

Cost of therapy 

Individual therapy, 50-minute session: Sliding scale $60-90

Group, single 90-minute session:

Sliding scale $25-40 per session (check back for information about upcoming groups).


I am offering Tele-health (online) therapy and am currently looking at offering in-person again; however, please note we are required to wear masks for in-person until OHA guidance changes. My office is in Goose Hollow near downtown Portland.