Getting Started in Psychotherapy

When beginning our work together, many things occur simultaneously. One primary focus for me as a clinician is how we are doing in establishing a therapeutic bond. Depending on your attachment wounds or needs (among other factors), it takes more or less time to get a "felt-sense" of a safe-enough container for healing to take root in. Research and experience confirm that successful therapy starts with a good fit between therapist and client.  

I strongly encourage clients to wait until they feel a clear YES about their choice of psychotherapist before getting started, unless the situation is urgent or you are at a crisis point and need any good-enough help.  

Please take a look around my website; I hope it gives you a sense of whether you are drawn to my approach and style. If you have questions not answered here, or if you would like to schedule a free phone consultation, please send me an email to set up a time to talk. 

Thank you for visiting, and good luck in your search!

The most important rule in finding the right therapist is to trust your "gut" feelings. If, after two or three sessions, you do not feel supported, understood, and comfortable, you have the right to go elsewhere. You cannot get better in therapy unless you feel emotionally connected to the therapist in a way that makes you feel safe to share your thoughts and feelings honestly. 

Keep the following questions in mind throughout therapy: 
Do I sense that my therapist is competent to help me? 
Do I feel that my therapist cares about me and recognizes my needs? 
Do I feel that I am making reasonable progress? 

Therapy can be painful. At the same time, you will find yourself looking forward to the sessions because you trust your counselor will treat you with dignity and compassion. If that does not happen, you may want to find another therapist."

-Janice Harris Lord, ACSW, Gift From Within - https://www.giftfromwithin.org/

Portland Therapy Center Member